Precious Silver Shampoo
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Features and Benefits (Contains no cocomide DEA).
Formulated and designed with veterinarian-recommended pH level 7.5.
Designed and formulated with indigo plant natural extracts, bluing shampoo enhances brilliance and color of your pet’s coat.
Great cleansing shampoo makes dull coats appear more vibrant.
Terrific enhancer for that show quality look for white, silver, and black fur.
Excellent for all breeds and is safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks of age. 
Hides yellowing that occurs from urine or licking stains, and from sun damage. 
Helps soothe and moisture skin and coat.
Water, Coconut Surfactants, Lanolin, Citric Acid, (Gluten free) Wheat Protein,
Sodium Chloride, Indigo Plant Extract, Floral Oil Botanical Fragrance.
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Precious Silver Shampoo

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